Summer Activities

Belly Boat rental

Do you want to rent a Belly Boat for the weekend? Price: 300..

Berry picking

We will escort you to the rich berry land; natures own pantry. Afterwards you can cook your own jam. A good lunch basket with coffee will also be included along with a knowledgeable..

Coffee cheese experience – Hug a Fjällko!

At Vuollerim  Farms lives some of the world’s rarest cows – Fjällkon. It is the Nordic origin native breed, which is almost completely extinct. Fjällkon is a small, social, friendly cow..

Contrast breakfast

Set on your own "river beach" by your self in the wilderness. You will enjoy a total contrast breakfast with white linen tablecloths and candles whilst enjoying the quiet, beautiful..

Family wilderness day

Family wilderness day in the vast forest with a local guide. Experience the wilderness, drink water directly from a spring, fish with a fishing rod that you make your self or make  your own..

Homestead garden in Vuollerim

Have coffee and waffles in the oldest building in..

Horseback riding in the land of the midnight sun

A long ride on great horses and really good riding paths with light at all hours. With an experienced rider as a guide, we will stop and make coffee on our trip. Horse riding enjoyed in the..

Local guide to Messaure

Messaure - living again through local guide. Visit Messaure a village of people bustling in the incredible Messaure Dam. Today there are no houses left in Messaure, just a vibrant club. Read..

River swim and wooden fire sauna in

Enjoy a hot wooden fire sauna and the natural surroundings at the riverside. Feed the fire with logs from surroundings wood and take a swim in the Luleå River. Typical sauna refreshments in..

River swim at midnight delux

Enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the peaceful atmosphere. Take a soak in the wood fired sauna followed by a dip in the river. Immerse yourself in the serenity and stillness; enjoying the..

Sami forest safari by the Arctic Circle

A real life experience! Be part of the culture of the big forests where the two rivers meet. Experience Lappish forest with local people and taste the special Suovas, cooked over open..

The fishing kingdom

Fishing in the wonderful wilderness in different locations with a knowledgeable guide, enjoying lunch in the open air. Consider a village so close to an amazing wilderness with glittering..

Trip to the 17th Century farm

Enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the peaceful atmosphere. Take a soak in the wood fired sauna followed by a dip in the river. Cooking lunch on a stoneage grill with help from a skilled cook...

Vuollerims Karting Ring

The Vuollerim Karting Ring is the northernmost approved race track for karting in the world and the longest in the region of Norrbotten. The track is 1072 meters long and 8 meters wide. The..