Coffee cheese experience – Hug a Fjällko!

At Vuollerim  Farms lives some of the world’s rarest cows – Fjällkon. It is the Nordic origin native breed, which is almost completely extinct. Fjällkon is a small, social, friendly cow that milks half the volume of a modern cow. But the milk is heavenly! It is from here that Mathantverket Vuollerim gets its milk for the award-winning artisan cheeses. Welcome to join a tour to meet the cows and the passionate people who take care of them and make the cheese.

We meet at Mathantverket Vuollerim in the center of Vuollerim and take a 10 min walk through the village to the cow’s pasture. Here we greet the unique and endangered breed Fjällko which gives fantastic fine milk to the cheeses that are produced in the village dairy. Weather permitting, you can hug a mountain cow while we tell about the farm and life at the Arctic Circle.  You are offered  a genuine coffee with coffee cheese, served in a wooden cup that you get as a memory.

It will be possible to buy cheeses and other food crafts in our shop “Gärda: s Fik & Butik”, or buy a simpler lunch. For those of you who love our cows, there is a unique chance to adopt a Fjällko!

Season: June-August
Duration: 1 hour. Start at noon.
650 SEK/person. Children 4-15 years half the price. Children  0-3 years for free.

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