Bear Safari

Join us on the forest tracks into the deep forests of Swedish Lapland. By car we’ll travel safely at a leisurely pace through the woods and fields in search for bears. Bear sightings are possible in the entire region, but they are very shy and only show themselves on rare occasions. Some people have lived here and roamed the forests their entire life without ever seeing one, while other people have seen them several times, usually as they run across the road. We’ll stop along the way, look for bear tracks and enjoy a picnic basket in an appropriate place.

This wild-life safari takes you in the search for a glimpse of bears.Other animals we might stumble upon are; moose, reindeer, eagle, fox and others.

Season: Summer
Time: About 2-3 hours
Price: 650 SEK / person
Number of people: Maximum 4 people / car
Includes: Refreshments, transportation and local guide.