Briefly about the company

Lapland Vuollerim Welcomes You is a community based tourism company, providing genuine ‘everyday life’ experiences. Touching the Arctic Circle you find Vuollerim in the exotic remoteness of Swedish Lapland.

Nominated for Best Outdoor Product of the Year, World Responsible Tourism Award and Tourism for Tomorrow Innovation Award.

The company is a socially responsible business owned by villagers, reinvesting 100 % of the profits into further growth of the company and into the local economy. We are also a member of The Swedish Ecotourism Society and certified with Nature´s Best.

The village company Lapland Vuollerim Welcomes You is the result of a fresh initiative by an entire region, where people have a rich history of rolling up their sleeves, coming together and working with the regions best interest at heart.

Our vision is to contribute to making Vuollerim one of Northern Europe’s most interesting areas.

Choosing Lapland Vuollerim for the next travel to Swedish Lapland is a choice for social sustainability. We are also a member of The Swedish Ecotourism Society.

About the products

All year round activities, and genuine experiences of everyday lifestyles in Lapland. Here you are welcomed, not only by the hotels, but by the entire village!
You will find lots of activities for all ages and types of interests including: house jumping dinner, horse riding in the midnight sun, storytelling in a sami tent, archeological safaris, forest safari, learn to make ice lanterns, snow knowledge and winter ecology, ice fishing, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, dog sleigh tours and more.


The village company Lapland Vuollerim Welcomes You is the result of a fresh initiative by an entire region, where people have a rich history of rolling up their sleeves, coming together and working with the regions best interest at heart.

The village of Vuollerim is a picturesque village set amidst vast forests, rivers and lakes in the sparsely populated arctic region of Lapland, Sweden. The village is filled with committed, dedicated individuals who share a lot of hope for the future. In the 1950’s, after an economic boom, 5000 people lived in this town – due to economic changes it is now a tightly knit community of approximately 800 people. This village of 800 people is now home to five cooperatively owned village companies, around 50 associations and as many privately owned companies. In other words, the village holds a strong entrepreneurial and community spirit.

A few years ago, the community came together to renovate a hotel that was being sold by the military. The community’s response was amazing. One hundred thousand Swedish crowns were needed in stock shares in order to purchase the hotel. When the dust settled the community had purchased more than seven hundred thousand crowns worth of shares. The renovation of the hotel was entirely a community effort. People “adopted” rooms to paint and decorate. The majority of the 140 share holders participated in the renovation and many community members who could not purchase shares contributed by assisting with the renovation, bringing food and baked goods to the volunteers, doing repairs and sewing. Today, community members regularly volunteer at the hotel. It has become a hub where many of the large community celebrations take place and locals often meet for a morning cup of coffee and good conversation.

The hotel opened in order to broaden and strengthen the tourism trade in the region, increase employment and encourage more people to move to the area. Hotel Vuollerim is run by the village owned company VIVA, Visions in Vuollerim Area corporation which has 140 share holders. It is open all year long with a restaurant, bar, conference and meeting facilities.

Lapland Vuollerim is an offshoot of VIVA and began as a non-profit village initiative to package and market a range of activities that had not been previously offered in the county. A letter was sent to all households in the area to present the idea of starting an activity package to attract tourism to this undiscovered pearl. The letter asked each household to present ideas of what could be offered and what they would like to contribute with. The packages include midnight sun horseback riding, exclusive fishing packages, meetings with locals, cloudberry picking, the blue lights festival, the ice lantern festival, an archeological tour with the archeologist who was the first to discover that people had lived that far north more than 6,000 years ago, ecology tours, Sami traditional outdoor cooking, traditional storytelling and much more.

There is even a “house hopping” option where participants spend an evening eating an appetizer at the home of a local, the main course at another home and desert at yet another. People select and customize their own packages and many local people contribute to make this experience truly memorable. Because so many talented and knowledgeable locals participate in this partnership, visitors find themselves embraced by a community and this creates a truly memorable experience.

Originally a part of VIVA, Lapland Vuollerim Welcomes You now has 50 part owners – including private individuals, companies and associations. Like the hotel, a lot of people volunteer their time and work alongside the employees. Vuollerim is a town that is undergoing an evolution, becoming increasingly cooperative and communitarian. Fresh perspectives are welcomed and people share of their gifts freely. So far, no one has left untouched by Vuollerim. Where people care for each other in the most elemental of ways.