Fishing rules, extreme fly-fishing

Ecologic fishing

Lapland Vuollerim endeavours to protect and preserve nature, its insect life and fish stocks. This is why we have established certain rules covering our fishing waters. These rules are designed to safeguard our sensitive environment within the framework established by WWF and the Swedish Ecotourism Society in regard to environmentally adapted tourism and ecotourism. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best and most sustainable fishing waters today and in the future.

Ecofishing ensures the future

As our fish is a limited resource, Lapland Vuollerim needs to regulate fishing with indisputable rules. Similar rules are a global fact and are also found at several Swedish sites. Wherever rules exist, both the size and number of large fish have increased.

The rules for Lapland Vuollerim’s fishing waters are as follow. Other rules may from time to time be posted.

  1. All fishing is limited to no more than 10 days per month for the whole season. The 14-week fishing season in running waters begins June 1 and ends on 15 September.
  2. Only fly-fishing using single hooks without barbs is allowed.
  3. All fishing shall be done using a Belly-boat and with a guide present. (Belly-boat is not needed in running water.)
  4. Wading and shore-fishing is not allowed, except in running water.
  5. Catch & Release is the rule for all fish following photographing.
  6. Soft, fine cloth bag nets without knots shall be used. The fish should be weighed in the bag net.
  7. All fish should be handled gently as instructed by the guide.
  8. If a fish is deliberately or accidently hooked in other places than in the mouth or throat, the hook must be removed with the greatest care and the fish immediately released. Should a fish be injured so seriously that it will in all likelihood die, it should be killed and the guide notified at once.
  9. Leaving trash is prohibited. Everything, including cigarette butts and nylon lines, must be taken back home.
  10. Our trained, experienced guide will ensure that all who fish in our waters understand and follow the rules in force.

Breaking the rules

Whoever does not follow the rules in force or who otherwise creates a disturbance may be refused further fishing in Lapland Vuollerim waters. Their fishing licence will be cancelled and no refund, partial or whole will be made of fees paid.