Conferences and packages

In the Vuollerim area we are delighted to be able to accommodate both small and large conferences and events.  There are two Hotels in the village with approximately 70 beds and ample..

Social Innovation and Equal Teamwork

We just do it! Welcome to the Vuollerim area at the arctic circle. This package is a brimful 24-hour-program for everyone who would like to know more about social innovations and equal..

A Journey To A Fly Fishing Eldorado

-Where time stands still in this silent land Imagine in your mind’s eye a wondrously quiet wilderness with a glittering river – clear waters where the brown trout and the grayling breach..

Dry Flies In Forest Sami Country

-This will be a place that warms your heart. Join us on a very special nature and fishing trip. We will travel far up into the alpine world seeking the large brown trout found far up in this..

The Elusive Big Char

This is an experience for those who want to try their luck catching a trophy char. The closest place to experience this is Canada. Enjoy ecological flyfishing with a single barbless hook,..

Cloudberry Festival

The gold of Swedish Lapland OH MY! The exquisite and exclusive cloudberry of Arctic Lapland is ready for harvest in the woodland marshes around Vuollerim. At the first weekend in August every..

Laplandish everyday luxory, for the entire family

Swim in Mirror Pond or child friendly Sandtjärn, ride on gentle horses, experience the midnight sun, go fishing in the middle of the village or enjoy the simple and refreshing stillness of 18th..

Movement for everyone

This is a useful package for anybody who wants to experience Vuollerim in different ways. The package is arranged for persons with moving disabilities. Take part of the culture, from the big..

The Arctic Circle – Nature and culture together with the locals

For you that want to come closer to the genuine everyday life in Lapland. Take part of the culture from the great forests and the strong narrative tradition by the Arctic Circle together with..

Wilderness Camp for Youth

Five days of fun and games in the wild. We learn to make a fire, make our own fishing rods to catch our own fish and cook it over an open fire. We get to know new friends and gain more knowledge..

Colors of Swedish Lapland – The Blue Light package

Each season holds its special light to make this region breathtakingly  beautiful. The intense Blue Light occurs for 6 to 7 weeks in December and January when the sun doesn’t cross the Arctic..

Snow time and family fun at the Arctic Circle and genuine Lapland

Bring your kids to a child-friendly, authentic white Lapland experience at the Arctic Circle Visit the child friendly village and just open your door to play around in the white snow and make..

The village of the 1000 ice lanterns

The Festival of 1000 Ice Lanterns first Wednesday to Sunday in February VUOLLERIM, SWEDEN- touching the Arctic Circle Making ice lanterns is a modern tradition in the Vuollerim Area,..

Welcome home to Lapland

This is the area with silence, genuine lappish life-style, and hospitality in world class! This is the package for you who wants to experience the local culture. You are invited to join the..