The village of the 1000 ice lanterns

The Festival of 1000 Ice Lanterns first Wednesday to Sunday in February

VUOLLERIM, SWEDEN- touching the Arctic Circle

Making ice lanterns is a modern tradition in the Vuollerim Area, originally started by a couple of local women who wanted to decorate the village for the yearly winter market in Jokkmokk. This has now become tradition for many households in Vuollerim and has given Vuollerim the name ‘the Village of 1000 ice lanterns’.

This year it will be a little different. In the park there will be an ice lantern installation in Vuollerim. There you can walk on snow paths and experience the beautiful ice lanterns by your self.
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This is how it looks like 2021 January 29

Villagers come together making ice lanterns by freezing water in buckets and other vessels, and then putting them on display in their gardens and in common areas in the village. You are welcome to be a part of this and learn how to make ice lanterns yourself, or other creative things in ice and snow that can be used as candle holders. The creativity is flourishing and both beauty and humor is part of the experience.

The official lighting is traditionally the first Wednesday in February, and ice lanterns are lit throughout the winter market period from Wednesday to Sunday.  The candles used are long burning candles that last for several days.  Many visitors come to Vuollerim during this period just to witness and to be a part of the transformation of the village, because it truly is magical.

If you would like to take part in this tradition by making ice lanterns yourself, or be a part of the event, then this is a great opportunity. Visitors as well as villagers say that seeing the ice lanterns is an unforgettable sight. Welcome!
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Stay the night and walk in the candlelight . . .

Enhance your Jokkmokk Market Week experience by staying in Vuollerim’s cozy and relaxing accommodations, such as Hotel Vuollerim Gästgiveriet. Winter activities include skiing, snowmobiling, dog sledding, ice fishing, “spark” and so much more. Have Fun, Food and Festivities with the villagers of Vuollerim, Sweden.

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A Guinness World of Records®  in “Largest Ice Lantern Display” was conquered by Vuollerim February 5th 2013, with 2 651 ice lanterns!