*A Fantastic Ride with Fabiola*

“Your horse is called Fabiola.” Wow. First time to meet a Norwegian Fjord. How lucky I am! In Hong kong, I usually see Arabian horses/ racehorses from Australia or New Zealand only. “Let’s go to take Fabiola.” Haha, Fabiola is sleeping inside a “stadium”. Oh he does not bother to have a look at us when we step in! He feels so easy and comfortable here. I am surprised! In Hong Kong, when a horse knows that someone is walking near him, he will immediately pop-up! The horses in hong Kong feel so insecured?! Usually in a strange place, riding a strange horse, I will be nervous at the start. But seeing my guide Johanna doing the tack-up so carefully, I am relieved! She tells me why she does this, why she does that, all with a reason, not just out of routine/ out of a robot program! Her experiences coincide with the experiences I heard from my coach! Safety comes very first! My coach aged 40-something while Johanna is very young. What a wonderful girl to have all these experiences in such a young age! It feels so good to be able to view the Lappland, to breathe the fresh air, to touch the forest, to see the river, all on a Fjord’s back. Everything North LOL. Although I am a city girl, finally i find out that I do not enjoy viewing natural scenery inside a car haha. I love going into the forest on a horseback. One has to move away the head, lower down the upper body so as to avoid a tree branch…feeling like playing hide and seek with friends in an early age – so happy so simple and so down-to-earth.

Fabiola loves eating flowers! He just picks flowers, not grasses, since there are plenty on our route. Funny! A boy likes flowers so much.

OMG! Johanna and her horse goes into the river! Your horse is not afraid of water? How do you know the depth of the river? or any traps in the river bed? Your horse would not feel cold? Wow wow wow. Your horse seems to love kicking water! I can go into the river too? Wow so funny! First time I ride a horse into a river! So cool! I guess Fabiola is not scary of the river but I am haha. I am tensed. In Hong Kong, most horses hate stepping into water LOL.

As confidence with Fabiola grows, I asked if we can canter a little bit. Superb! We can canter a little bit in the forest. Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful! Fabiola trusts me and jumps over a little branch on the ground! I can’t believe that i do not hesitate LOL. I trust him too! This is my first jump! I love the feeling very very much! Thank you Fabiola!Thank you Joanna!

3-hour ride is too short! LOL But I know, Fabiola needs a good rest.

Chiu-ching from Hong Kong