The Blue Light Festival – in English

The Blue Lights and amazing snowflakes.

Each season holds it special sunlight and moonlight to make this area breathtakingly beautiful year round. The intense Blue Light comes for 4 to 5 weeks in December and early January as soon as the sun crosses the horizon. It is a time to stop and take in the awe of nature and its beauty.

Get your camera ready for the magical Arctic BlueLight and maybe the Northern Lights, that can only be seen in Europe at the Arctic Circle
Come and be a part of this special festival while enjoying natures majesty as a lot of blue Ice Lanterns, contest and a quality program.

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Blue Lights Festival program

Saturday 15 December 2012

08.00-10.00 Hotel Vuollerim Gästgiveriet

Hotel Vuollerim. Special Blue Light Breakfast.

10.00-12.00 Porsiudden. Capture the Blue Light. Photo workshop – how to shoot Blue Light, Patricia Cowern. Sami stories, Sami snacks and hot drinks in the tepee. Ann Marie Utsi.

11.00- 13.30 Hotel Vuollerim Gästgiveriet. Blue Light – Lunch Buffet

97AN Conference Center
Conference Speaker Patricia Cowern presents amazing “Photographs of snowflakes” – by Kenneth Libbrecht – Lennart Nilsson Scholar. A photo session and discussion and explanation on how snowflakes forms etc…. .

Exhibition and competition ”Snowflakes” in different materials

15.00-17.00 Learn how to make Ice Lanterns

18.00-21 Hotel Vuollerim Gästgiveriet. Blue Light Dinner

After dinner Outdoor workshop to take Northern Lights photos Patricia Cowern

Sunday 16 December 2012
08.00-10.00 Hotel Vuollerim Blue Light breakfast buffet

10.00 – 12.00 Porsiudden
Outdoor workshop capture the blue light.
On site photo workshop with Patricia Cowern.
How can you to take the great nature photos.

9.30-10.30 Sami stories and Sami snacks and hot drinks in the tepee- Ann Marie Utsi

10.30-13.30 Hotel Vuollerim. Gästgiveriet
Blue Light Lunch Buffet

12.00-15.00 Outdoor activities at the Village*
Snow sculpting Albert Falk
Winter ecology and snow knowledge with locals forest Sami people.
Family activity on the hill skiing snowboard mm
Skiing behind a horse!
“Hembygdsgården” – Vuollerim Homestead open for cakes, coffee and Swedish waffles

Outside Photo Workshop – to photograph snowflakes, Patricia Cowern
Outside workshop – studying snowflakes up close with magnifying glass

Also for Children; Snow flake hunt! Go out with a magnifying glass and then paint your own snowflake book.
Ride on a Spark through the village on your own. Start Hotel Vuollerim.

15.00 – 17.00 97AN Conference Center Exhibition. Handicraft, gallery, ice tepee and lanterns

15.00 Photo competition ends. For more information on competition visit 97AN or Lapland Vuollerim information Center. Movie: Northern Lights project

15.30-17.00 Hear expert Patricia Cowern speaks on the Northern Lights

17-18 This year’s photo shoot winner will be awarded together with the winner of best in show;
“Blue light Ice lantern” and “Snowflakes” competition. Share your highlights, photos and experiences about the day with other festival visitors and villagers.

19.00-21.00 Hotel Vuollerim. A taste of Sami Christmas Buffet

20-22 Outside Photo Workshop ; Photographing auroras, Patricia Cowern *

Monday 17 December 2012
7-9 Breakfast buffé

9-11 Choose optional activities Cross Country skiing and Dog sled*
Available for a fee. Latest booking at 14.00 Sunday. Also on call +46-97610030
9-10 Pre booked dogsled. Tour starts at Bomyrberget.
10-11 Pre booked Cross country skiing. Tour starts at Bomyrberget.
Coffee break and check out
12-13 Visit Treehotel
13-14 Lunch at Treehotel
16 Arriving Luleå Airport

Pre book by latest Saturday 14.00.

*As these activities are natural occurrences, Lapland Vuollerim has no control or responsibility on viewing ability. Lapland Vuollerim reserves the right to adjust this package based on weather and market conditions.

Hotel Vuollerim open 6-23
Sala Thai Open Sunday 11-19 Monday closed. Tuesday 11-19
Lapland Vuollerim Tel +46-97610030 – information hotline.
Visit us at Bodenvägen 13 for more information 8-18.

Photo contest
Winner of the competition will have their picture published at the next year’s Blue Light Festival! Winner will be announced at 17.00 Dec 16 at 97AN

Submit your photo at, at 97AN or below.

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    Security (obligatorisk)

    Latest time to submit your photograph : December 16 at 13.00.

    Blue ice lantern contest
    Make your own Blue Ice lantern!
    All creative blue ice lantern you can create these days and decorate within the village are eligible in the competition!
    Winner will be announced at 17.00 Dec 16 at 97AN

    Snowflake contest

    All materials are permitted! Photography, paintings, sculptures, fabric etc. – any material. Registration to before December 1.
    Latest entry time : December 16.
    Winner will be announced at 17.00 Dec 16 at 97AN

    Blue Light Festival package:

    • 6 800 SEK each person
    • Children 4-16 years half the price
    • Children 0-3 years free

    Package includes : Two nights double occupancy, breakfast and lunch, Blue Light Dinner, Sami Christmas buffé, all workshops and entrances at the Blue Light Festival.


    Single room + 250 SEK each night

    Stay some more days! Christmas Light package

    Outoor activities

    All year round

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