Vuollerims Karting Ring

The Vuollerim Karting Ring is the northernmost approved race track for karting in the world and the longest in the region of Norrbotten. The track is 1072 meters long and 8 meters wide.

The course is certified and the entire facility is accessible for handicapped.

The course offers training and competition activities for karting, rental karts and handicap karts with brake and gas at the wheel, the ability to roll ski training / competition, wheelchair races and more.

Summer rental prices

Free Driving
150 SEK for 10 minutes driving

Mini Race
Training for 10 minutes. A qualifier for 10 minutes. Final for 10 minutes
400 SEK / person

Formula 1
First across the finish line is what counts. Training for 10 minutes. Two qualifiers for 8 minutes each. Final 5 laps.
450 SEK / person

Drop in period June 30 to August 14 at 12:00 noon to 8:00 p.m. Driving at other times, contact Lapland Vuollerim.

Vuollerims Motor Association provides all equipment, helmets, overalls and 10 go-karts. 4 of them have gas and brake on the wheel.
Any use of alcohol together with driving is strictly prohibited, as is driving a go-kart under the influence. At reckless driving staff have the right to cancel the run. (No refunds in that case).