Here is what of the customers are saying about the experiences of Vuollerim area:

“There are many places that have great views, but great views may not go together with great people. Vuollerim is a pearl to have both at the same time.”

 “What touched me the most was the over-the-top hospitality that was shown to us from the moment we arrived to the moment we left.”

“The food was first rate, always served in beautiful presentation and with friendly smiles.” 

“I was very impressed with all of the people we met, a strong community spirit.  It seemed that nothing was impossible.”

“The Sami cultural experiences were wonderful”

“There were always things going on but I never felt rushed.”

“I thought the schedule for the 3 days was well planned and felt full but not overloaded.”

“Southern Hospitality has nothing on these people here in Vuollerim.”

“They won’t believe me when I talk about this when I come home.”

”We had a very lovely time, it was the best weekend ever and we meet some really good friends. We are looking forward to coming back again and the food was fantastic. Good luck to your success, we will tell our friends about you”.

“This was absolute fabulous! I have never experienced anything like this!”

 “I feel like coming home.”

 “Thanks SO SO MUCH AGAIN for wonderful time and for all you have done for me and mum.”

“It was so evident that your village is full of individuals who love and cherish this unique place that you call home and value the native peoples who were there first.” 

 “Thanks so much, can’t wait to visit your place again.”

“A wonderful initiative exacted with a lot of creativity, warmth and kindness. Wonderful food and a room with a personal touch and feeling. My congratulations to the fine staff and management. I’ll be back for the Northern Lights.”