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The Blue Light Festival 2012
December 17th -19th

Vuollerim, by the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland.

Come… Let the stillness and breathtaking beauty of the blue light of Swedish Lapland surround you. Take part of a unique and peaceful festival that honors this pure phenomenon. The cause of the blue light rarity is the combination of the sun never rising above the horizon, as well as the sunlight creating an optical anomaly.
The light is only visible near the Arctic Circle for 6-7 weeks in December and January. This time of year makes for great experiences!

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Certified Ecotourism



Lapland Vuollerim Welcomes You has received the quality label “Nature’s Best”, the first national quality label for nature tours in Europe. Lapland Vuollerim’s products have been certified as a result of the company’s emphasis on providing genuine, authentic, and quality experiences together with the locals. The love for the village and the surrounding nature is the drive for developing the area in the most sustainable way.
For more information about our Nature’s Best certified experiences, click here.

Social innovation for the future

Lapland Vuollerim Welcomes You is greatly involved in the growth of social capital and rural development both locally and globally. Vuollerim has, in recent years, been a part of social capital conferences around the world, as a fine example of how grass roots can help a small community to flourish. The link below shows you a video presented at SOCAP Europe 2011 in Amsterdam. This is an example of when people choose teamwork on equal terms and contribute through social capital, things really start to happen.
For video, click the link: ”Equal teamwork changes the world”.

Nominated for Best Outdoor Product of the Year – 3 years in a row!



The Wilderness Fair in Stockholm is the largest of its kind in Scandinavia, with over 60,000 visitors per year. Lapland Vuollerim Welcomes You is the first company to have their products be nominated for three years in a row as “The Best Outdoor Product” of the year. The company has a vision to help the little village by the Arctic Circle to grow to become one of northern Europe’s most interesting places to experience. Click the link below to see the nominated products.

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  • The Blue Light Festival
  • Certified Ecotourism
  • Social innovation for the future
  • Nominated for Best Outdoor Product of the Year – 3 years in a row!






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