Documentation CSW Arctic Circle Summit 2015

Here you find the documentation of the Crowd Sourcing Week Arctic Circle and the days in Vuollerim. Speakers presentations, videos, blogs and photos. Special thanks to Crowd Expedition, Neighborhood Economics, Mötesplatsen för Social Innovation, Impact Journey 2015, Nytänk, Crowd Sourcing Week and Johanna Granström Sundgren for be a part of the documentation.


Interviews by Crowd expedition

Daniel Neis­ – KOINA, print your own money


Hjörtur Smárason – reversing the braindrain and the future of work


Carl Malbrain – disruptive energy technologies & models


Sofie Skalstad – Nytänk, changemaking by youth


Louise K Larsson – Hotel Vuollerim Gästgiveriet


Eva­Lena Skalstad – Lapland Vuollerim Welcomes You


Hang-outs at the Impact Journey 2015



2015­03­13 Video hang-­out during the summit


2015­02­23 Hang­-out before the summit


2015­03­19 Hang­-out after the summit



Epi Ludvik ­ CSW
Crowdsourcing Trends – Global ideas, Local Action
Connecting the dots of global crowd culture and marketplace

Martijn Aarets ­ Crowd Expedition
An expedition to Discover the Real Value and Potential of the Crowd Economy

Daniel Neis ­ Koina
Crypto Currency tool for leveraging local businesses and local capital

Hjörtur Smarason
Reversing the Brain Drain – And the Future of Work

Sofie Skalstad – Nytank , change making by youth
The local youth project New Thinking

Practical examples from Vuollerim
Crowdsourcing in Vuollerim

Kaj Embren
Presentation of the project Mayors Working Together for a Sustainable Future

Anna Sthålbröst och Birgitta Bergvall ­ LTU
Opportunities and Challenges of Crowdsourcing for Smart Regions

Etienne Verbist
Think Bing, Start Small

Carl Malbrain
Disruptive Energy Technologies & Models – New possible energy solutions



2015­03­12 Neighborhood Economics
Our lapland network partner gets deserved attention

2015­03­13 Neighborhood Economics ­
Examples from Vuollerim

2015­03­05 Neighborhood Economics
Collaboration with Vuollerim

2013­02­13 Mötesplatsen för Social Innovation
Local communities powered by digital collaboration

2013­02­23 Mötesplatsen för Social Innovation
Growing Knowledge for local action


CrowdSourcing Week

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Lapland Vuollerim

Introduction of Crowdsourcing Week Arctic Circle

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