Discover Vuollerim by winter

Winter in Swedish Lapland lasts for six long months, and we are happy about that! Winter has many different faces. The first snow powders the autumn-colored trees in October. Nights grow longer and the Sun sets for the last time of the year in November. The sky radiates a special blue light that only exists above the polar circle. Lakes freeze, the forest get caught under a thick snow blanket and the sky fills with northern lights. After Christmas, light slowly comes back and we celebrate it by making 1000 ice lanterns. March and April are according to some people the best time of the year, when you can enjoy long sunny days and still great amounts of snow.

Winter is a wonderful time to ice fish, ski, drive snow-scooter and hunt for auroras, but even take some cosy time by a campfire.


A reindeer herder’s everyday life

Take the unique chance to experience a reindeer herder’s everyday life in roadless country. Follow the forest Sami out to their reindeers where they share everyday knowledge and living conditions.

Ice fishing

Come out on the ice with a knowledgeable guide! In the Vuollerim area you will find countless lakes to botanize in.

Snow knowledge and winter ecology

The Sami people have many words for snow. Different sorts of snow and different animal tracks tell exciting stories about life in the forest. Follow our guide and get a new insight into the forest in winterlife!

Make your own ice lantern

Make your own ice lantern Making ice lanterns is a living tradition with ancient origins in the Vuollerim area. Do you also want to make ice lanterns, or any other creative creation of light and ice?

Dog sledding adventure

You will drive your own dog team or sit comfortably on the sled! We stop at a traditional hut in the woods to grill sausages and make coffee over an open fire.

Scooter safari

Ride a snowmobile alone or with the whole family. It is a wonderful experience to ride across frozen lakes and through snow-covered forests. Guide, meals and equipment included.

On your own

Alpin skiing, cross-country skiing or sled

In Vuollerim there is a ski resort, 13km of cross-country ski trails and possibility to rent sleds. Click here for more info.

Rent an entire ski resort

It is possible to rent Vuollerim’s ski slope outside its normal opening hours. Here you get to know how to do it!

Visit the mountain cows of Vuollerim farm

The mountain breed Fjällko is the Nordic original cow breed, which is now almost completely extinct – there are more tigers left in the world than milking mountain cows! Join a tour at Vuollerim Gård, the mountain cows’ home and learn more about them.

Vuollerim back in the days

IInteresting places to see for you who’s interested in local history and culture.