Vuollerim – New Zealand

Midsummer in Vuollerim

Now a wonderful and fun story from Midsummer this year. Some great people from New Zealand find the small spot Vuollerim during their journey.

They wondered what to do in Vuollerim a day like this, and suddenly, they where in the middle of a Swedish celebration of midsummer!

Midsummer in Vuollerim

Later some villagers invited them to their midsummer party at the riverside of Luleälv at an old style farm. It was a great evening with a lot of Swedish food. Really a taste of Swedish Lapland in beautiful surrondings on a perfect sunny day.First at nice Hembygdsgården and experienced dance around the “Midsommarstång”, Swedish cream cake with strawberry and a lot of songs :)New friends found each other, and at the end  of the evening when to break up, this fun idea was found out.

The idea was to bring a local made wooden statue with them at their journey. After their trip, they will pass her on to other people and hopefully,  she come back to Vuollerim Midsummer 2015 with some one!

She? Yes, her name is Marilyn. Vuollerim Marylin. Check out her adventure!